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A parent’s influence on their children’s development and relationship with the Lord cannot be overstated. Our Next Gen Ministries want to partner with parents to encourage and equip them to raise their children to become men and women of God.

Here's How

Please use these resources to bridge the ministry of the church and the home.

Parent Resources


Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Tedd Tripp

This book helps parents better understand how God views the parent-child relationship, and how parents can shepherd their children toward the Lord.

On Becoming Babywise

Robert Bucknam

A best-selling resource for new parents that will help them navigate many of the practical how-tos for once you bring your baby home. It can help nervous parents feel like pros in no time.

Jesus Storybook Bible

Sally Lloyd-Jones

This book is especially for young children, but is helpful for people of all ages to grasp the big-picture plan that God is unveiling through the Bible and how they are part of that story.

Prayer Works

Stephen & Alex Kendrick

This book is one you can go through with your children to help them understand prayer and create some plans of how to make it a regular part of your family’s life.

Every Young Woman’s Battle

Shannon Ethridge

This will be a helpful resource for parents to go through with their daughters. It will help them to navigate relationships and worldly pressures by guarding their hearts and pursuing the Lord.

Every Young Man’s Battle

Stephen Arterburn

This resource will be helpful for parents to go through with their sons. It will help prepare them for temptations that young men face especially concerning lust and relationships.


God’s Big Story

You can set your kids up with this podcast where they will hear about faith in a way that is easy for them to understand. You will likely be able to have great follow-up conversations after listening to each episode.

The Intentional Family

This podcast will be a resource for parents to become more equipped as a parent as they cover a multitude of problems and solutions that we are all facing.


It is tricky for parents to keep up with all the ever-changing cultural elements our children encounter. This site will help keep you informed about cutting edge trends as they show up in our society. We especially enjoy their “Culture Translator” newsletter.

Do not fear hard questions about faith. We want encourage children and youth to think deeply about these things. We have found this site to be a great help for brief and Biblical answers to real questions people have.


Parent Message

Richard Ross

Listen to Richard Ross take the complex and mysterious parent/child relationship and simplify it in a way that will give you hope and direction as a parent.


Right Now Media

This company has tons of great video resources on almost any topic relating to faith. You will need an account to log in, so let us know and we can provide you with access to an immense library that you and your family will enjoy.